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09 / 04 / 2021
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An authorized distributor from International Brands in weighing system, spareparts, and accessories.


Weighs the entire vehicle and calculates the weight of the axles. Up to 16 WWS series portable platforms and touch screen weighing terminal with integrated printer. Wireless version.

CE approved according to Directive 2014/31/EU (NAWI).

Available functions
  • Complete weighing of a vehicle.
  • Weighing with insertion of the preset tare.
  • Verification of the vehicle balance, with indication of the center of gravity and weight of each wheel.
  • Database of 500 vehicles.
  • Customizable texts.
  • Printing and saving of the weighs on USB memory (optional).
On/Off ramp

Code Description
WWSCR Single aluminium ramp for WWSC. Dimensions 500x150x30mm
WWSER Aluminium ramp for WWSE. Dimensions 700x150x30mm.
WWSDR Single aluminium ramp for WWSD and WWSF. Dimensions 900x150x30mm.
The portable alternative to weighbridges
  • WWS is the most cost-effective solution patented by Dini Argeo for weighing a vehicle.
    Thanks to the low weight and ease of transport, in just a few minutes it is possible to create a weighing station for weighing vehicles up to 8 axles.
    Compared to a traditional weighbridge, it does not require masonry work that can permanently occupy part of the yard space and is easily transportable.
Great versatility of use
  • The vehicle weighing kit is ideal to:
    – Weigh vehicles and trucks up to 8 axles.
    – Check the weight of the material transported by the vehicle and carry out simple checks on incoming/outgoing goods.
    – Weigh for limited periods of time (harvests, crops, etc.) without the need for excavations or masonry work.
    – Check for any vehicle overloads, avoiding penalties.
    – Check the correct balancing of the vehicle.
Technologically advanced
  • The vehicle weighing kit is composed of the WWS weighing pads, a product patented by Dini Argeo.
    The loading surface is made of a special high-strength aluminum alloy, designed to be strong and light. The IP68 protection against water and dust guarantees a long life of the pads even in case of bad weather. Easy to move and position, thanks to the integrated wheels.
  • The touch screen weight indicator simplifies the use of the scale and allows the entry of master data. With integrated printer or USB communication port for saving the weighs and transport case to protect the weight indicator even in the rain. 10h of autonomy, thanks to the rechargeable battery.
  • The system is CE approved according to Directive 2014/31/EU (NAWI).
Transportable indicators, with transport case
Code Description
3590ETKRRF-3 For WWS with Radiofrequency (WWS…RF-y) only. Touch screen indicator in transport case with printer, AF08 software. Colour display and radio module. Available only in combination with Dini Argeo vehicle weighing systems (WWS, RWS, DTW, WBSA series).
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